Mattie & Wietze lieten je 'm vanochtend horen: het nieuwe liedje dat zangeres Anouk Facebook heeft gezet. Het nummer heet 'Wigger' en ze schreef de track omdat ze het woord 'wigger' steeds vaker hoort en zich afvroeg wat het precies betekent.

Daarover zegt ze op Facebook:

A few weeks ago, I wrote a song Wigger. I played it back and thought, maybe a few people are gonna freak.
But why really ? The word "Wigger", what does it mean. I have been hearing this word much more frequently than before.
It gets people pissed. But I mean is it derogatory ?
If you search Wikipedia, then the definition in a nutshell is, "a white person who is inspired by black culture".
So Is that bad or weird?
We do after all live in a world where we are inspired regardless of skin colour or gender!
So I've come to the conclusion it's all bullshit. I am what I am.
A true blond, proud wigger & honestly it suits me better then anyone else, doesn't it :-)

Have a beautiful day!

Je beluistert de nieuwe track hierboven. Wat vind jij van 'Wigger'?

Foto: ANP